Deaf Education

Graduate: Master's

School of Education & Human Services

Teachers of students who are deaf or hard of hearing help children in a wide variety of settings from residential schools, public day schools, and resource rooms, to inclusion settings and itinerant situations. Pursue a master's in Deaf Education to learn how to interrelate the effects of hearing loss on language, learning, cognition, and speech. 

Program Description

The Deaf Education program is a comprehensive course of study in which you will learn to present academic content to children who have hearing losses, and to collaborate with families, as well as with professionals in related fields.

The two-year program is a collaborative initiative with St. Mary’s School of the Deaf, a special arrangement the college has had with St. Mary’s for more than 40 years. The school is located less than one mile from the campus. As a graduate intern, you can choose to live at St. Mary’s while you attend the program. It is a unique opportunity to interact on a continuous basis with the resident students attending the school.


Certification is received from New York State and the Council on the Education of the Deaf (CED), the only national organization that grants teacher certification to graduates of accredited deaf education programs.


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